Global payments are one of the many industries which have seen a drastic metamorphosis due to COVID-19. Corona has transformed many turtles into hares without fairy tale magic. The impact was very critical and widespread across all sectors of the world. The most effective impact being the speed with which the global payments industry has transformed.

Contactless Payments

This single and sudden event of 2020 has catapulted into a huge snowball gobbling up every trend that was predicted earlier in 2019 and created a need to reset every existing expectation.

COVID-19 and it’s numerous after-effects has changed the consumer behaviour so much…


Remittance is the key.

Access to banking and financial tools has become an integral part of everything today. Most of the population around the world has access to modern financial tools than ever before. One can imagine the competition among financial institutions to grab a share to serve such a humongous crowd.

There are numerous providers to choose from, for payment solutions but only a few are considered most useful. No rocket science there. If simple factors like smooth user experience, convenience, support for resilience to unpredicted financial volatilities are achieved, that already puts an institution ahead of the race…

There is indeed an effective way to save on the associated costs of sending and receiving money internationally. Read to know what it is.

The pandemic we are facing right now has brought in a lot of challenges and transformed the way things work for both individuals and businesses in a lot of ways.

There is a mushroom-like growth in the online presence. Everyone is trying to grab a share either to beat the boredom or to make the optimal utilization of their pandemic house arrest.

My milk delivery vendor suddenly became online and sent me a push notification for…

Esports Player

Stories always fascinated us as human beings. More so, the storytelling on the big screen has its own magic. For example, when I first saw the chariot race in Ben-Hur, I was awestruck. The same happened with the scale of the scenes in Lawrence of Arabia. The impact of that movie was so great on certain minds that a Speilberg was created out of it. Later came many masterpieces which we movie lovers cherish.

It was the same with gaming too. The storytelling aspect has become a gamer’s reality. He gets to live the character and experience the protagonist’s journey…

If you do business across borders or make international payments, you must have already come across the term IBAN and knew about it. But if you’re someone who is planning to go global, it’s important for you to grasp about what IBAN is and the way it benefits you and your business.

With the world being a global village and businesses getting truly digital in terms of reach and operations, processing payments would have been a nightmare if not for solutions like IBAN.

What is the problem?

Here are the 7 primary reasons to use virtual debit cards.

A customer making online payment using virtual debit card
Virtual Debit Card Payment

Take the mental load off your mind and physical load off your wallet. Virtual cards as the name specify, exist only in digital form which means on your mobiles.

COVID pandemic has changed the spending habits to digital format faster than the world expected. Suddenly, there is an increase in every business creating their online presence and trying to reach you on your mobile. …

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